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Positano is one of the most famous and elegant localities on the Amalfi coast, with its houses clustering in picturesque confusion on the seaward slope of a steep hill. It has a small beach, very elegant haunts, exquisite hotels and everything is de-luxe or almost so. Mass tourism is banned at Positano, which cannot welcome more tourists than it does at present, for as it is they almost bump into one another of the tiny beach bounded by rock. There is no possibility of building further, and Positano is perhaps the only resort in the world that doesn't advertise. Positano is especially popular with artists from all over the world. The writer John Steinbeck wrote: “ Positano leaves a deep mark on those who visit it. It is a dreamland that doesn’t seem true so long as You are there, but once You have left it, its deep reality strikes You nostalgically.” .

We have some nice apartments in Positano. Listed below are our properties. Please click on the photo or on "Read more" of the property to view the details. In addition, on the top of the page You can find the links for more information about Positano - press the botton "About"- , the map of the town and the Photo Gallery.

There is no currently available structure in our database for this area