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Apartments in Sorrento and on the Amalfi Coast

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About us

TREDY: your holidays in Sorrento and on the Amalfi Coast

Who is Tredy S.a.s.

SORRENTO.CC is managed by Tredy s.a.s., an established letting agency founded in 1998, based in Sorrento (Italy) and specialized in dealing with online reservations, for daily opr weekly lettings, of selected apartments in Sorrento and on the Amalfi Coast.
The founding members of this Internet agency have been working in the field of tourism for several years and, thanks to their experience and devotion to their company, SORRENTO.CC is becoming more and more popular.
We can arrange for You a stay in a luxury apartment or in a farmhouse, in a busy centre or in the countryside, as you please.

Whatever Your heart wishes, here at Sorrento.cc our aim is to provide You with a memorable vacation!

We well understand that some people are unsure about entering their personal details into web sites:

We will use Your email address only when sending You a confirmation of Your bookings or to contact You for any reason directly linked to Your question or reservation.

Besides, we will use Your phone number to contact You only in case of an emergency.
What we will not do is to give away or sell Your details to any third parties (by the Italian law 675/96 art.13, sub-section 1).

In addition, we’ll be glad to send You by e-mail any information and suggestion about what You can do and visit during Your stay here.
The most difficult thing for any tourist is to optimize their time available on vacation and in the most cases travellers don’t know which are the monuments and the places worth visiting and how to get there (by public means or directions to get there in case they have their own car).
Sometimes people don’t visit certain places, which are less well-known but are also very beautiful, simply because they don’t know they exist or how interesting they are.

Send us an e-mail and we'll be pleased to give you free all the information,
descriptions and suggestions regarding the monuments, ruins and interesting places You can visit when You stay here!

Holidays in Sorrento and on the Amalfi Coast

Are you planning to spend your holidays in Sorrento and on the Amalfi Coast?

Thousands of tourists each year, from all over the world do, bringing home memories, photos, videos and souvenirs of an unforgettable holiday in Sorrento and on the Amalfi Coast.

Opinions about the Amalfi Coast

What other tourist say about the Amalfi Coast?

  • Pros
    Unique landscape, archeological sites and cultural places. And pizza!
  • Cons
    Hard to find: maybe reaching these localities! Then, prices...

  • The Bottom Line
    A fabulous climate, some of the most spectacular attractions that nature and history have ever produced, genuine foods and a relaxing atmosphere: what else could you ask?

  • Do you prefer the mountain or the seaside? Or probably you’re the kind of person more involved into cultural tourism? No problem, here’s a solution that’s able to satisfy all of these requests and even the more sophisticated ones!

  • The COSTIERA AMALFITANA, which is the trait of coast immediately southern to Naples, offers one of the most characteristic and eye-catching panorama in the whole world! Sunny and windy, hardened rocks dive into the deeply blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, a famous historical sea (cfr. “Carpe Diem” by Horace) that is beautiful to explore also by boat, visiting the mythological caves that it hosts (for example the unique “Grotta Blu”, or Blue Grotto) and traveling to the renowned islands that are part of that small archipelagos (i.e. Capri).

  • - Michael75 at Epinions

We would love to have the occasion to enlist you among the many satisfied tourists who trusted our Company in setting up their holiday as a terrific worry-free experience!