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Tours in Pompeii, Capri, Naples and Amalfi Coast

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POMPEII RUINS - 4 HOUR TOUR (Naples) - Italy
Amphitheater of Pompeii

Amphitheater of Pompeii

Some frescos in the House of Vetti brothers in Pompeii

Frescos in the House of the Vetti Brothers in Pompeii

Plaster cast of a human body in Pompeii

Plaster cast of a human body in Pompeii

Marble relief from the temple of Vespasian

Marble relief from the temple of Vespasian

Fresco of Priapus by th entrance of the Vettii House

Fresco of Priapus by th entrance of the Vettii House



4 hours






An archaeological English-speaking guide at your disposal for 4 hours

Entrance Fees are not included


Single ticket (valid for 1 day)
Full price € 11,00
Half price € 5,50

access to 5 sites: Herculaneum, Pompeii, Oplontis, Stabiae, Boscoreale) - valid for 3 days
Full price: Euros 20.00
Half price : Euros 10.00 (*)

Free of charge: for EU citizens under 18 or over 65 years old.

(*) Reductions: for EU citizens aged 18-24 and EU permanent school teachers.
Reductions and free tickets can be issued only by showing a valid document (passport, identity card, driving license).

Meeting with the Guide by the entrance of Porta Marina Superiore.

Enjoy a real journey in search of an ancient civilization destroyed by the terrible eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Pompeii is one of the most significant historic vestiges of the Roman civilization and it appears as an exceptional open book on the art, customs, and crafts, of the everyday life of the time. Today, Pompeii is one of Italy's leading tourist attractions and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit the Pompeii ruins on foot for approximately two hours with a English-speaking local guide on an archaeological journey through the ancient city. Through the remains and ruins of this ancient city, you can imagine the everyday life of the Roman Empire and imagine the panic felt by the people in those last few minutes before the city was so disastrously buried. The volcano buried the city under many feet of ash and it was lost for 1,600 years before its accidental rediscovery.

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